Hapity is a live streaming app that you can embed directly into your website and simultaneously cast to other social media. It is available on both android and iOS platforms.

Hapity is super simple to use and can be set up to embed your broadcasts directly into your Wordpress, Joopla or Drupal website. You can also simultaneously livestream to Twitter and Facebook with links back to your website. The videos will remain on your website for later viewing and a copy of the video is saved on your mobile for editing, or in case you lose the signal during the broadcast. It works in the cloud so no need to upgrade your webhosting.

Unlike other streaming apps, you keep full ownership of the video. Check out https://www.hapity.com/help for a simple guide to adding livestreaming to your website.

Use Hapity to broadcast directly to your followers, customers, friends and family. Share a product launch, a wedding, a great gig or an important meeting. With Hapity you can share your experiences with the world or a select group of users. You can also watch other user’s broadcasts and live comment on them.